World Movies App Review

You are a film lover who always have interest in more globalized movies,World Movies is the best app for you to enjoy your movies.

Created by Yooii Studios, this handy Android app lets you view box office rankings and trailers for films in many countries.

One of the things I really like about World Movies is that the app is super easy to navigate.

Along with a very accessible toolbar, you can easy scroll through the rankings and view information such as cast, director, and release date. Without question this is a “must have” app for all foreign film buffs, no matter where you live.

A huge plus is that tapping on a film plays the official trailer right in the app; no external links are opened.

World Movies includes more than just box office rankings. You can also view trailers for released and upcoming movies by tapping on the menu button. This is one of my favorite extras, mainly because it’s a great way to discover new movies.


Even though World Movies seems simple and straightforward right out of the box, it does come with a few helpful extras. There’s a built-in translation feature for users who are viewing movie lists in different languages. The translations aren’t perfect, but decent enough.

Users can optionally allow World Movies to send a notification when a new movie is added to the database, which is a good way to stay current on new and upcoming releases.

One feature I wish could be included in World Movies is the ability for users to add movies to a “favorites” list, making it easy to save newly discovered movies without having to manually write them down.


World Movies can be downloaded from Google Play for free, which is definitely a great value. The app is supported by ads, however, and users can optionally disable them by making a “donation” via in-app purchase. Amounts range between $2 and $20.

Overall, World Movies is a great app if you have a keen interest in films around the world, even those that aren’t in your native language. The layout is easy to figure out and there are plenty of great features.