God is in the House
But what house? The house of yours, the house of mine that’s what house. And that home is our hearts. Sure, God lives in the hearts of ours. At least that’s exactly where we can find God. Its not the only place God can be found. But its the most convenient place for us to appear. In the broader greatness that is existence, and given the inability of ours to comprehend it, we have to begin at the perfect place and go from there.
Yes God lives in our hearts. That is part of the reason behind the internal struggles of ours. Its the reason for guilt. its the reason for our boundless amount of effective that we are able to do. its the main reason we cry at something good and cry at something bad as well. We as humans are continuously at war with our interior nature. and this particular war describes the struggles of ours.
God is in the hearts of ours. God is in our churches. God is everywhere. that may sound quite simple but it’s very deep as well. we cannot contain God to this place or even that. These are physical limits that can’t be put on God. Think of it in this way. While you walk by way of a park you see a variety of things. You see grass, trees, paths, animals and also a lot of different things. But you cannot see the park itself.
Yet if you could leave the park and look from above you will see the park itself. This has been explained several times. And it leaves you to believe that the park as seen from above is the whole picture. It is not. The park is furthermore on the stroll we took. The park can also be the stuff we saw, fresh air we breathed. The park is furthermore us.
God isn’t just outside of us or seen exclusively from above. God is us. We’re God. We are able to certainly not see God from a vantage point outdoors or perhaps above. Because we’re always within God. And God is within us. When we smile, God smiles. When we cry, God cries. And when we laugh, God laughs. We are and always will be plugged in to God. And God will often be hooked up with us.

As we start to understand this we take a baby step towards paradise itself. And in reverse if we dismiss or perhaps devalue that, we war against truth and slide towards hell. But rest assured, even in case we approach or actually enter hell itself, God is there. And experiencing the pain just as we do. The power to return to the reality is ours. And God is going to wait with us while we figure that out. God will wait with us always.
biblia sagrada are all the time conflicted. This’s the fight between the physical evolution of ours and our faith based truth. God created us like this for a reason. It may be one thing we may never understand or even it may be something as easy as our five senses. God might have simply wanted us to develop with such senses therefore when we leave the physical world our perceptions and realities might be considered with us.
I suspect it is like the principle of the park. It’s a component of the entire story although not the whole truth. So lets take that truth and cling to it. God is in us. And we are in God. Never to be separated. Not possibly even the gates of hell can separate us. God will always be there, waiting if we need it. And prepared to give that beautiful warm embrace when we consult or even need. we just must realize it.