Finally Windows 10 Get New Screenshot Tool

A good change is as good as rest, windows 10 now screenshot with one click without using lightshot and shareX which most Windows users used to capture their screen in a case whereby the shortcut keys is easily forget for some people.

Taking screenshots is unavoidable for internet users this days, which makes most people frequently asked questions about How to screenshot my screen? How to capture my screen and send to friend easily? How to screenshot without hitting too much of keys? So, Microsoft update Windows 10 with Screen Sketch app.
Screen Sketch was previously added as a feature in Window ink but right now Screen Sketch is now an app on Windows 10 beta version which helps users to take screenshot fast and easy then send to friend, family or co-workers with the use of winkey + shift + S to screenshot with Screen Sketch App.The app will also trigger notification in order add text to the screenshot and share it

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